Artist Gerri Jaeger

Born in Innsbruck (Austria) in 1979 Gerri picked up the drums when he was 9 years old. After some brass-band and grunge-rock teenage years he studied jazz at the Conservatories of Innsbruck (AT) and later in Amsterdam (NL), where he graduated in 2006. Since then Gerri has been performing extensively in and outside the Netherlands expanding boundaries in music and its genres. Current working bands include Knalpot and Naked Wolf – in collaboration – and as a band-leader: STUG with Sofia Jernberg, Petter Eldh, Joachim Badenhorst and Raphael Vanoli and the Gerri Jäger Double Duo with Frank Rosaly, Raphael Vanoli and Giray Gürkal. And now Gerri goes solo, with his own defined intentions and bombastics.

His solo act I like to call interdimentional acoustic, percussive electronics: A virtuous one man band, ingeniously hooked up to his kit with electronics and synthesized instruments to make an unpredictable, never before heard of sound as if played by many musicians at once, in a tangle of wires , only Gerri himself understands his own structure. His music takes you on a journey, from an edge of sharp pristine beauty and cleanliness, to distorted heavy drones filling the space and all the while moving you from the inside with hypnotic percussion.

His first solo album has been released on Floprecords, and in the Flopshop it can be ordered on audio-cassette or as digital download. You can also listen to it on out Flopplayer.

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