Rick & Rudie – Saamhorig
(2of3) – Patch & Digital

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Rick & Rudie are back with ‘Saamhorig’ ep 2-of-3 in a meditation on these weird modern times, keeping themselves barely sane while still smiling.

Rick brings the quirky energetic electronics with a hip-pop twist. While Rudie sings poetic lowlander lyrics with a smile and a tear.   ??

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Throughout these weird times Rick&Rudie have been working on a lot of new material keeping things sane. Some sort of musical dairy of what transpires in the inbetween times…

Expect the quirky electronics of ElectRick with the special lyricisms and particular delivery of Marco. En dat allemaal in onze eigen Nederlandse taal 😉

This will be the first of three ep’s also to be released soon(ish)