Artist The Irrational Library

Would the sound of our times be chimney-smoked chorales of thunderous nuclear bombs, roaring a doomed acoustic testimony of humanity’s self-destructive instincts? Will this sound be a polished portion of a sacred lie about civility and progress, about man’s overtures of victory over his own vices? When bombs and rifle serenades are far too familiar to many a war-torn country and home, street wars and economic suicides are a lyric of our age of decay of course, and music must provide the melancholy soundtrack and The Irrational Library’s is that score that settles the score for the under-scored.

In their wild and sullen art, they forge a symphony of the discordant whine of today’s eternal wail unto forbidden gods and glamorous demons of a shadow world. A halo on a razor edge, this is what the music of The Irrational Library, is. Sanctification of roughed up nomads lost in a time without time. A remix of parallel times, all stewed up into a brew gurgling in a rusty throat of morphemic saxophone. Resuscitated beatniks are jostling among deranged ravers and the music of a grey bearded oracle with a band of misfits stand atop the pile burning towards ceilings of power. The ludicrous sincerity of rhythm keeping the paces of joy and pain in synch; this is The Irrational Library.

description by: Khahliso Matela

Their fourth and newest album will be released soon on Floprecords, and for now the first single can be freely downloaded here: Huevos Rancheros.

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