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Het Rudie Kartel

Het Rudie Kartel is a music+ project of magiekejansen. It performs as a quartet, handsome threesome, dynamic duo and silver-solo project. The sound of Het Rudie Kartel is hard to catch in a few words, it is a mix between classic and electronic songs, songs can be easy tuned, arty farted or catchy swingsistered and danceable.

Magiekejansen produces the songs and sings/writes the lyrics mostly in Dutch. The songs can be seriously funny, laughable sad or softly melancholic. Besides being song lyrics, a lot of them double as poetry and are used for spoken word. Our songs brings even the not-Dutch-speaker a big smile to their face.

Het Rudie Kartel released a debut record ‘Onbehoorlijk Heerlijk’ in 2015. After “De Daily Soms’ (2016), ‘Goddelelijk’ Deel 1 and Deel 2 (2017), ‘Het Kroketten Ballet’ (2018) and ‘De Goed Gevulde Greet’ (live) (2019).

Now its time for ‘De Nieuwe Jezus’ (2022), which also marks their first release on Floprecords… This album is only available as digital free download. If you want to support the artist and the label, you can make a donation when you download. Find it in our free download section.

Find the other albums on bandcamp.
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Het Rudie Kartel